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What Our Customers Are Saying

I recently completed my first investment with Will's company. I found that Will and his staff as well as his attorney to be extremely competent, trustworthy, reliable and communicative. Will formulated a unique short term investment opportunity for me and I expect to invest with him again.
Sheila Barnes
Riceboro, GA

I have a very busy work schedule but I managed to sit down with Will on a few occasions to get to know him and his real estate business. Will explained all the details and once I saw that he would be doing all the day the day work and how my funds would be secured etc., I decided to move forward and have never regretted that decision. It was the way I was looking for to put my money to work without any of my efforts.
Cleatus Richardson
Savannah, GA

After having been a business owner and investor for many years, real estate has proven itself to be a worthwhile investment for me...not just for the money. The money is good but once you get your personal money problems solved the flood gates are opened so you can really start helping others.That is what "rocks my boat" these days. 

Willie has an awesome program that helps folks that need a home but are not "qualifiable" for a home loan downtown at the "big" banks. His business model also helps those of us who wish to earn better rates of return than traditional investments are paying today. Initially, this really intrigued me and we sat down and he showed me his real estate operation. And as they say, "the rest is history".
Charlie Neely
Lexington, SC

I get interest deposited directly into my savings account. It doesn't get any easier than that. It's like I own a bank. I don't have to find properties, do renovations, flip or anything. I don't have to leave home.

The best part is I can make as much as I want. I can invest $250,000 or $15,000. I can't think of any other legal way to make money so easily. The key is finding the right people to invest with. That is why I invest with Will Cunningham and his group. 

Will is an experienced professional in the real estate industry. He always returns my calls promptly. Always explains things to me clearly and is a very trustworthy person. Will knows that private money lenders are the life blood of his real estate business therefore he goes above and beyond to satisfy all of his money partners.. 

I've been working with Will since July 2010 as a private money lender partner and it's a dream come true. I wish I started lending sooner. Thank you will for all you do for me!

John Bumgartner
Charleston, SC

I'm a busy professional so I love being a private money lender (money partner) because all I have to do is lend money and Will (as the borrower) and his group does the rest.
Edith Bullock
Augusta, GA

I have been providing private funds to Will Cunningham for over 4 years now and it has been a great experience. I started with a single project and our business relationship has grown steadily ever since. I've provided both regular funds as well as funds from my self directed IRA to Will and in return receive a secured note that provides a monthly payment that's directly deposited to either my IRA or my personal bank account.

Will has been completely reliable in terms of payment schedule and communicates with me ensure that once a project is completed, that the funds are repurposed for the next project, because I instructed him to keep my capital out there working for me.

With the volatility of the stock market, I'm very happy to have a secured investment that is providing a steady and reliable return.
Randolph Ferris
Sumter, SC

I prefer private money lending instead of traditional bricks and mortar. With the right fit, your investment return is delivered timely and accurately each month, and this is just what I have with Will.
David Miller
Decatur, GA

Will has taken the time to educate me, then structured the right investment for me. He is very approachable whenever I have a question or issue that needs attention. I'm especially pleased with the session that Will provides on the pros and cons of private money lending and becoming an Affordable Housing partner.

I look forward to future partnering with Will and his organization.
Rob Franklin
Peachtree City, GA

Doing business with Will has been a pleasure and I look forward to continuing and potentially expanding my relationship with him.
Richard DeBruhl
Columbia, SC

After a series of sit downs with Willie, I became very knowledgeable about him and the operation of USA Housing Solutions, Inc. as a real estate investing & management firm. I learned how I could obtain better rates of return for some money I had sitting out there in an old with 401k with AmeriTrade that  I had from a previous employer. 

Willie was in the process of buying another house and was seeking funding on that transaction. After contacting me, I decided to fund the purchase because the home would serve as collateral for my money. Now, I am earning a much better return than I was with AmeriTrade.
Kevin Phelps
Decatur, GA

"When we looked at our statements we could never tell if we were making money or loosing money. It just went up and down every month with no real progress. Plus our financial advisor never called us to make adjustments. Now we know we are making real progress towards our financial goals. 9% every month! As a passive investment, you can't beat it!"
Eric & Diane Adams
Roswell, GA

"I've always wanted to invest in real estate but never had the time but since partnering with Willie and his firm, I have been receiving cash flow without having to do much because Willie does all the detailed, hands-on real estate work, which is what I like."
Gary Wilson
Lawrenceville, GA

"I appreciate the opportunity to invest and earn above average returns with AHPG. Because I don't have the time to actively invest in real estate, I am elated that we partnered; and now I am using funds from my IRA to passively invest in some of the homes your company purchases which helps me and helps your firm to continue to be able to provide Affordable Housing to families."
Lance Morgan
Atlanta, GA

"I have partnered with Affordable Housing Partners Group on several different occasions. What can I say? Each time, I received a great return in a short period of time and each time my investment was backed by a house as collateral. I couldn't lose. It was and is a no-brainer. I wish I knew I could invest this way sooner."
Evelyn Frank
Peachtree City, GA

"My 401K continued to lose money, however since I partnered with Affordable Housing Partners Group, it has been so nice to see that monthly interest payment, I can't believe it! Thanks for providing such a great return on my money."
Sabrina Ruff
Alpharetta, GA

"Being one of Will's 1st private lending partners, I know of no other conservative way to earn up to 5 times the national average rate for a 5yr bank CD...and the home that the company has purchased is used as collateral, so my money is well-secured! If you are dissatisfied with what you are earning on your money in today's economy from traditional institutions and the volatile stock market, I highly recommend that you take a look at the opportunity that Affordable Housing Partners Group offers and begin working with Will. This is a 'no brainer'! He also teaches you how you can earn tax-free income using your IRA!"
Robert Hastings
Dunwoody, GA

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