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Educating and Helping Others
Obtain Better Rates of Return on their Conservative Idle Cash and/or Retirement Funds

Learn How You Can Passively Earn Above Average Returns as You Help Provide Affordable Housing to Well-Deserving Families and Individuals

Learn How to Earn Better Rates Than that Earned 
by other Conservative, Passive Investment Vehicles

     Are You Sick and Tired of Worrying & Stressing About Volatility 
of the Stock Market?

Are You Fed up with the Low Interest Rates
on Your IRA, Savings or Certificates of Deposits?

Are You Looking for a Secured Investment
Where You Can Park Your Money and
Where You Remain in Control?

*A Division of USA Housing Solutions, Inc.

If you answer "Yes!", you’re at the right place! 

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Learn how you can say goodbye to the risky stock market once and for all, and say hello to real estate secured investments.

With the recent recession, corporate accounting scandals, and the subsequent stock market plunge, many wise investors now place their hard earned investment money in real estate. Now you too, can place money in a secure investment vehicle without the normal headaches that go with real estate investment properties. You don’t even need to have extra time or a lot real estate knowledge to get started now.

Contact us now to learn more! Once you understand how the partnership works and the risks involved, you can then decide if you wish to participate on the opportunities we make available to our list of partners/private lenders on an ongoing basis. Then we'll have to get to know each other and talk before being accepted as an Affordable Housing Partner. We also offer excellent opportunities if you're looking to sell or buy investment property. 

Request a Partner Kit online or call us today to learn more.

Get Started Now!
We’re trained professionals who’ve created a business of Buying and Selling Homes in various locations, conditions and price ranges.

We specialize in helping relieve Sellers of unwanted, unneeded houses they can no longer afford or can't sell; by creating solutions to help them get their house sold fast.

We help communities by improving the homes we purchase and building better neighborhoods by helping those who need good, safe, Affordable Housing.

Once our homes are repaired and ready-to-sell, we help Buyers, often with some past credit problems, achieve the American Dream of homeownership through various home purchase programs we offer.

We educate and help our partners (private investors/private lenders), such as individuals like yourself, to get to where they want to go financially; to get their money working harder for them with good, interest income that will maximize their investment dollars while minimizing their risk.

Our success is partly parlayed by a transformational way of thinking and a focus on loyalty, relationships and results. After educating potential individuals we do partner at times with those who want to invest with us but we are very selective. We don't just focus on returns but we focus on the long term sustainability of the relationship and the ability to do many great real estate transactions securely and very profitably; not just one transaction here and there.

We’ve designed several attractive programs to work with our partners (private investors/private lenders). By working with our partners directly, we’ve been able to cut out the "middle man" --- the banks. Why should you be paid only a paltry 1-2% for your hard-earned money when you can earn as much as the banks?

Please take your time going through our site and request your FREE educational 14 minute Audio CD below. It will tell you more about who we are, what we do and how we can help you and so much more. Let us help you and your family by putting your funds to work through our secured, low risk, high return programs. Fill out our Investor Questionnaire, press submit and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to working with you soon!

Contact us now and request a Partner Kit online or call us today to get the answers you need as you take the 1st step towards becoming a Partner with us as we provide Affordable Housing for well-deserving families and individuals in the community.

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USA Affordable Housing Partners
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Partner Information for Oct 2022
"I prefer private money lending instead of traditional bricks and mortar because I have limited time outside of my practice."

David Miller

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